SupraMedical DualMax IPL


Includes: (2) Handpieces; (2) Tip Covers; Filters – (2) 430 nm, (2) 530 nm, (2) 640 nm with Shock Proof Case; Operator Eyewear, Patient Eyewear, (2) Keys, Footswitch, Operator Manual, Water Refill Kit, Extra O-Rings, Fuses, & Screws.




  • Light Source: Intense Pulsed Light, IPL (Xeon Flash Lamp)
  • Spectrum Range: 420 nm – 1200 nm
  • Filters Available: 430nm – Acne 530nm – Pigment & Vascular Lesions 640nm – Hair Removal for Lighter Skin Types I-II 690nm – Hair Removal for Darker Skin Types III-IV 750nm – Photo Skin Rejuvenation
  • Energy Density (Fluence): 10 – 60 J/cm2
  • IPL Peak Power: 2000 W (DualMax), 2500 W (DualMax II)
  • Pulse Method: Intense Pulsed Technology (can adjust)
  • Pulse Sequence: 1 – 5 pulses
  • Pulse Delay: 5 – 60 ms
  • Pulse Width: 2 – 20 ms
  • Pulse Duration: 1 – 15 ms
  • Pulse Repetition Rate: 0.2Hz to 10Hz (FDP)
  • Delivery System: Direct Sapphire Coupling
  • Spot Size: 12mm x 30mm and 15mm x 50mm
  • Operation Interface: 8.4 TFT True Color LCD Screen
  • Cooling System: Continuous Zaphire Crystal Contact Cooling – Water Cooling, Forced-Air Cooling and Semiconductor Cooling.
  • Cooling Temperature: -4 degrees celsius + 2 degrees celsius
  • Electrical Requirements: 100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz

SupraMedical DualMax IPL. IPL at its best, Dualmax II is the most complete and powerful hair removal system, comes with two integrated self-cooled handpieces with different spot sizes so you can work very conveniently face or body, with its FDP (Fast Delivery Pulsed) also known as SHR technology (up to 15Hz), this machine is the best definition of super effective, reliable and pain free.

Great quality combined with technology will guarantee an excellent machine for a long time. With Dualmax II, you get the best of the most popular and profitable applications:


  • Hair removal (white and blond Hair also)
  • Photo-rejuvenation
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Acne

Simple and low maintenance, no consumables and a friendly software make this machine very easy to use: choose between preset mode or manual (professional) mode, choose gender, Fitzpatrick classification, and other skin features and voilà, you’re ready to perform! We guarantee our handpieces, train you and support you all the way after-sale so you feel comfortable with the machine and get the most of it, achieving satisfied clients with great results.

FDA approved.

Lamps lifespan: 150,000+ pulses.

SupraMedical DualMax IPL

The technologies featured in these platforms have long been known as the gold standard for photofacials and hair removal, respectively. By adding the science of Fast Delivery Pulse (FDP) at 10 Hz or ten pulses per second with SupraMedical’s innovative, continuous handpiece movement known as sweeping motion, the DualMax and DioMax emerge as top contenders in the skin rejuvenation and hair removal marketplace. Traditionally, IPL systems and diode hair removal lasers have delivered extremely high fluences and high peak power to the melanin within the hair follicles, which absorbs the light energy and in turn causes an extrem rise in temperature. Unfortunately, this can lead to a painful treatment that is certainly not without risks, including patient discomfort, erythema, swelling and pigmentary changes just to name a few. Both the DualMax IPL system and DioMax 808 nm laser use FDP, which employs low fluence, high average power with superfast pulses of light (up to 10 Hz). When used in this mode, both devices slowly and safely raise the temperature of the subdermal region to a minimum of 45° C to effectively destroy the hair follicle without damage to the outer layer of skin.
The FDP method also works with the DualMax IPL to provide highly efficacious and virtually pain free photorejuvenation treatments. According to William T. Swicegood, principal at DermaLight Technologies, Inc. (Atlanta, Ga.), “With over 20 years of industry experience selling a variety of lasers and IPL systems, I have not heard a single patient complain about pain or discomfort when being treated with SupraMedical devices. The new technology separates the DualMax and DioMax from others.”
The FDP feature is perfectly combined in all of SupraMedical’s systems, along with Sapphire Crystal cooling, allowing a gradual thermal rise to reach the therapeutic temperature needed to destroy the target chromophore without the risk of injury and virtually no pain. This is in direct contrast to other systems on the market that use high peak energies, which can lead to painful applications and undesired outcomes. Olek Naumko, executive director of SupraMedical summed it up best, saying; “With the new technology of the DualMax IPL and DioMax 808 nm laser we are effectively replacing old, stationary, single pulse, high peak power systems by providing safer treatments that achieve the same efficacy, but without the pain and risk of adverse events, representing another breakthrough in the advancement of non-invasive aesthetic treatments.”
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