Nylo Aesthetics – Horizon Diamond MTone Diode Laser Machine


2020 Nylo Aesthetics Horizon Diamond MTone Diode Hair Removal Laser for All Skin Types.

  • Key
  • Diode Hair Removal Handpiece
  • Operator Manual
  • Water Refill Kit
  • 50 Brochures


808 Diamond Diode Advantages

HORIZON Diamond Diode Laser Machine allows for virtually painless, safe and effective treatments for all skin types including dark hair and dark skin types, thanks to IN MOVING technology and a double cooling integrated system, unique in the market to offer three cooling levels: 0°C, -6°C – 12°C.

The 808 Watt Diode is one of the strongest diode lasers in the industry which allows for more efficient and stronger treatments with better results. The power of the diode, in combination with the Sub-Zero Cooling Tip, differentiates the HORIZON technology and allows it to perform stronger treatments with virtually no pain.

Adaptive Pulse Control

Adaptive Pulse Control (APC) is a proprietary technology of the HORIZON platform, used to deliver energy homogeneously over the entire pulse duration, eliminating dangerous energy spikes and burns, especially for the treatment of dark skin. For increased safety and effectiveness, APC works in both single or burst mode (train of pulses) to automatically adjust to the right pulse sequence and maintain stable energy.

In Moving Technology

Advanced and safe energy release system for faster repetition rates and shorter pulse durations.

BURST Mode breaks down high doses of energy into waveforms and manages them over time to avoid overdosage and overheating of skin. This so-called IN MOVING technology ensures that the same hair section is treated several times over several sequences within only a few seconds. The resulting cumulative heating effect leads to the required thermal damage of body hair without any damage to the surrounding cutaneous and subcutaneous area – making it extremely safe for dark hair and dark skin types.

Sub-Zero Effect

The Sub-Zero Cooling Tip incorporates water-to-air Peltier Cells Technology to reduce temperatures temperatures to -12o C (10.4o F). This process freezes and numbs the pain receptors, allowing treatments to be performed at higher energy levels for better results with virtually no pain.


  • Patient Comfort – No Pain, Better Results
  • High speed, painless treatments
  • Ultra High Power
  • Powerful skin cooler with sapphire guide

System Benefits

  • Portable with Color Touch Screen Display
  • Three Modality Settings:
  • Automatic, In-Moving, Manual
  • Two Modes: Standard & In-Moving
  • Zero consumables
  • Easy to operate

Indicated Uses:

  • Laser Hair Removal for All Skin Types


Laser Type: Diode 808 nm
Power: 1600 W
Spot Size: 1.2 x 1.4 = 1.7 cm2 / sec
Repetition Rate: Up to 10 Hz
Pulse Width: Up to 200 ms
Skin Cooling: Sapphire

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