Carestream CS 3700 Dental Intraoral Scanner


The CS 3700 delivers a high-performance scanning experience that takes you in any direction you want to go. Turbo-speed scanning. Patient and practitioner-centric workflows. Smart-shade matching. Touchscreen capabilities. With the CS 3700, compromise is a thing of the past.


Carestream CS 3700 Dental Intraoral Scanner

Carestream CS 3700 Dental Intraoral Scanner takes a digital impression taking with the successful workflow design to a whole new level.
No license fees.
Automatic tooth shade detection.
Color selection in Arctic White and Carbon Gray.
Touchscreen optimized user interface.
Intuitive CS scan flow software.
Ergonomically shaped handpiece.
Very high precision.
Open system.
Turbo speed – jaw scan in 30 seconds.
Intelligent matching system.
It can be used powder-free.
Heated scan tip.
Data output in.STL-PLY format.
Mobile via USB 2.0 interface.
3 different scanner tips.
3D and 2D images in true colors.
Hybrid scanning.
CS ScanFlow
CS ScanFlow integrates with your CS 3700 to provide you with unlimited workflow capacity, faster scanning, expanded processing options, one-click export, and touchscreen capabilities. With convenient access to every post-scan option from a single screen, the possibilities are endless.

Enter the next era of intraoral scanning with the CS 3600 intraoral scanner and CS ScanFlow software.

Experience the comfort and functionality
The CS 3700 is designed to give you both: tremendous comfort and superior functionality.

An ergonomically optimal grip channel empowers oral health professionals with a balanced sense of scanner control
An optional wrist strap connects the user to the scanner and prevents damage from dropping
Define your own workflow
Turbo scan speed is proven to scan in vitro single arches in 30 seconds when the recommended PC configuration is used.
User-friendly CS ScanFlow software lets you: pursue any indication from a single scan; enjoy an average of 60% faster-processing speeds1; clean mesh details, prepare for printing base; send digital models to lab or third party in one click2
The intuitive interface delivers direct software interaction via streamlined touchscreen navigation
Drive better outcomes
With next-level technology, exceptional versatility, and improved scanning views, the CS 3700:

Smart-shade matching automatically detects the enamel color of the scan area to identify the ideal match for optimum restorative outcomes
Features hybrid scan capabilities, enabling you to merge a partial impression with a digital in vivo scan into a single file
Provides a clearer view of the live scan, thanks to more scan space real estate
Backed by forward-thinking service
The future is yours with CS Advantage. This premium service program provides a full array of service, support and warranty options for your purchase. For ultimate peace of mind, enroll on day one.

CS Protect: Extends the standard warranty and increases the length of coverage to best suit your needs.
CS Update: Provides immediate access to the latest software updates.
CS Support: Covers ongoing equipment and software support as well as continuing education via training programs.
The newly designed software is tailor-made for the CS 3700. The intuitive touchscreen interface leaves nothing to be desired for the user. After you have recorded the basic scan of a patient, you can dynamically choose between the clinical indications restoration, implantation or orthodontics. Intraoral images, occlusion evaluation of multiple bite recordings, hybrid scans, and an uncomplicated data export are just a few examples of this really successful software.

Always stay focused thanks to the guided 4-stage menu navigation:

Scanning: Start the intraoral scan and determine the workflow based on the indication of your patient.
Check: After you have carried out the scan, you can check the images and, for example, take measurements and define preparation lines.
Customize: Edit the scan, for example by straightening the scan edges, cleaning up the mesh or creating a simple base. With bracket removal, you can have a bracket-free model output for aligner planning.
Export: Save the.STL, PLY or DICOM data directly locally, or send your data sets directly from the software to your laboratory, without complicated additional software.
Notebook: Notebook i7, 16GB / RAM, GeForce GTX1060
On-site training (1 day): On-site training (1 day)

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