Medical Humana is a leading manufacturer of laser, light-based, cryolipolysis, radio-frequency and ultrasound equipment for aesthetic and medical markets.

Medical Humana is a leading beauty equipment manufacturer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Integrating with R&D, manufacturing and sales, Medical Humana provides modular, cost-effective and high-performance systems based on the very latest cutting-edge technologies.

We enable practitioners to offer safe, effective and profitable aesthetic treatments to their patients, while allowing patients to benefit from the capabilities of state-of-the-art, clinically proven technologies and methods.

We also provide OEM&ODM solutions for distributors to meet the specific demands in their market.


MEDICAL HUMANA offers affordable cosmetic lasers for sale for both new and established businesses. We provide a large selection of new and used,  aesthetic lasers systems,radio-frequency and ultrasound equipment for aesthetic and medical markets.

Theresia Kristine
Sales Team
Ellie Standen
Co Founder
Samuel Sharon
Sales Manager
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